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Screen Printing

What is Screenprinting?
Screenprinting is the method by which most t-shirts and related garments are printed. It is a stencil method of printmaking by which ink is forced through a fine mesh (or “silk”) screen onto the printing surface. This method, done properly, creates the most durable and highest quality print available on textile surfaces. It is typically the most preferred method for the decoration of t-shirts and fleece.

How is Price Determined?
Like any other kind of custom embellishment, the most important factors in determining price are the quantity and quality of the item. Other factors such as the color of the garment and the number of ink colors are also important variables. As a rule of thumb, white garments and fewer ink colors will have the lowest prices.

What are your Minimums?
We require a low minimum order of 12 pieces on most screenprinted items. Caps have a minimum order of 24. Sizes (and sometimes colors) can be mixed according to the customer’s wishes, but the artwork must be uniform throughout the run.
Can I see a Sample of my Order Before it Prints?
Due to the cost and time involved in the set-up process, we are not able to provide actual print samples prior to production. You will, however, be provided with a clean and crisp proof of what the printed garment will look like.

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