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Acceptable Art Formats

If you are unable to produce your own art, we have a graphic designer on staff that can create your art for you. There will be a charge for this service. Please send all information – description of what you would like as well as any jpg or art files that you do have – when requesting your product quote. Any art charges will be quoted at that time.
If you do have your own art please see the art guidelines below.
Acceptable Art Formats
Adobe Illustrator CS3 . All text must be converted to outlines.
Macromedia Freehand. All text must be converted to paths and your document must be exported as an EPS.
Corel Draw X3. All text must be converted to curves.
Adobe Photoshop CS3. Only appropriate for 4-color process or CMYK projects. Send all Photoshop files at 100% of imprint size and 300 dpi minimum.
JPEG images. All JPG documents must also be sent at 100% of imprint size and at least 300 dpi.
TIFF. All TIFF documents must also be sent at 100% of imprint size and at least 300 dpi.
Do not include in your vector document any linked or embedded images, unless they are true vector files. If there are linked or embedded images within your file, you must also send those files as a separate file (preferably in a TIFF or Photoshop native format).
Unacceptable Art Formats
Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, or WordPerfect documents cannot be accepted as art. Art charges will apply for recreating your image. In addition, we will require a hard copy of any image submitted in one of these formats.
GIF, BMP, PCX, Low Resolution JPEG or other low-resolution raster images are not acceptable art for all imprints. If your only art is in one of these formats, there will be an art charge to recreate the art in an acceptable format.I
Images copied from websites are low resolution raster images and are not acceptable art. Placing a low resolution image in an acceptable format will not work as it is still low resolution art. Using imaging software to boost the dpi of a low resolution image does not work. It simply makes bad art larger.